About Us

Over thirty years ago Ray Capaldi and

his cousin, Frank Arciero, fell in love with this property.  Frank said it reminded him of the families land in Italy.  Initially, the plan was to plant grapes, but decided to keep the almond trees, thank goodness.  Our ranch is one of the last dry farmed orchards to exist.  With over 700 almond trees, it is a daunting task to lay the tarps, beat the trees and collect almonds in sacks...all of this in mid August.

Now What?

The almonds are laid out to dry for a week, then most are sent to a local ranch where they are shelled with an antique sheller run by generator.  Many of the soft shelled almonds are kept in tact and sold as is.  No nut cracker needed!

A Rare Find...

Anyone can buy organic raw almonds in the store.  However, ours are unique as they are unpasteurized.  You can only buy unpasteurized almonds directly from a grower. Important enzymes are destroyed during pasteurization,   Purchase our almonds at our online store or stop by the ranch!