About Us (Alpacas)

Alpacas come in 22 natural colors, are herd animals and are prized for their luxurious fiber.

Interesting Facts

  • Alpacas, descendants of the Vicuna, are native to the Andes Mountains of South America. 
  • 11 1/2 month gestation period, bearing  one "cria"
  • Live 18-28 years!
  • Two types- Suri (SOO-ree) and Huacaya (was-KI-ah).
  • Are herd animals.
  • Are about half the size of a llama.
  • RARELY spit at people...usually at each other over food.


The Fiber

  • They come in 22 natural colors.
  • Sheared once a year, they produce 3-7 lbs of fiber annually.
  • Versatile-from fine suits, yarn, tapestries and rugs, depending on fiber quality.
  • No lanolin, which many people are allergic to.
  • Has superior thermal characteristics, but lightweight...cool in summer and warm in winter.


You too can own alpacas!

  • Easy to maintain
  • Only need basic shelter from heat and rain.
  • Soft pads--easy on pastures.
  • Raised on dry lot and fed grass hay or in a pasture to free graze on grasses and weeds.
  • Very clean--communal poop piles.
  • Quiet, inquisitive and often friendly.